Yoga Sequence Builder 3 in 1:

Build Sequences

Create sequences from more than 350 poses in an intuitive interface.

Use your own images and express your personal yoga style

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Play Sequences

Our Sequence Player lets you play your sequences on any device.

Share your sequences with friends, students and family and let them practice at home.

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Print Sequences

You can also print your sequences so you can hand them out to students, clients and friends.

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Q & A

Q: Does the builder work on iPad?

A: Yes, both the builder & the player works on iPad and iPhone

Q: Can I use Drag and Drop?

A: Yes, you can drag and drop, add duration, breathing, comments and even alignment to each pose

Q: How does adding duration, breathing etc. work?

A: Sequence Pose properties will be added to the printed version and added to the player as voice-over

Q: Can I try it our before purchasing?

A: Yes, you can use the demo version of the builder as long as you want to.
You will find it here

Q: What are the limits of the demo builder?

A: You cannot save you sequences to your account or share them with friends and students

Q: Can I share sequences for free?

A: As a premium member you can share as many sequences as you want - or you can keep them private

Q: Can I share sequences to Facebook?

A: Yes, all your sequences can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and email

Q: Can my friends play shared sequences?

A: Yes, thats the whole point of sharing sequences. Anyone can play and practice your sequences as many times as they want

Q: Can I charge for shared sequences?

A: Not yet, but we plan on creating a workshop tool where you can create workshops and sell them online
Please let us know if that sounds interesting?

Q: Can I add text & documents to my sequences?

A: Yes every sequence has a title and optionally an abstract and a description. Use them to instruct people to make the most of your shared sequence, or as for your own reference.

Note: Documents such as PDF and WORD files can be uploaded and shared as part of the Description

Plans and Pricing

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6-Month Plan


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Yoga Sequence Builder

The Sequence Builder was made so that we could create custom classes for our clients. Now we made it public and hopefully you will find it useful in your work.

  1. Create sequences that reflect your personal style - or experiment with new styles, asanas and compositions
  2. Easily print sequences and use them in class or as handouts for your clients
  3. Share sequences online with your clients - either custom made or for a general purpose - and have them pratice at home
  4. Be advanced and add values such as breathing, pranayama, alignment or meditation

Yogidia is all about sharing! We have shared hundreds of our own sequences and we cant wait to see yours!!

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Yoga Sequence Print module

A Print Module is part of the Sequence Builder so that every sequence can be easily printed.

  1. Print sequences and bring into class or use as handouts
  2. Add pre- or private written text to sequences
  3. Add instructions such as breathing, alignment and other values
  4. Vary the image size to fit different purposes

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Yoga Sequence Streaming Module

The Streaming Module makes sequences playable on computers and devices. You can share sequences with friends, family and clients and have them practice at home.

  1. Anyone can stream your sequences anywhere and on any device
  2. Share your sequences online with student or friends
  3. Instructions such as breathing and alignment will be added as voiceover for better guidance

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Prepare workshops and teacher trainings

Instructors and teacher trainers can use the sequence builder in their daily work

  1. Combine documents and sequences for students to study
  2. Create signature sequences for students to practice pre or post training
  3. Let students make their Exam sequence on Yogidia for easy overview/review