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Inspire and share yoga with more people using our free toolbox

About the toolbox

Designed by Yoga teachers for Yoga teachers.
We created this toolbox to bring our own teaching online, which helped us reach a much bigger audience and inspire more people around the world.

Now we offer this toolset to you - so you can inspire more people too.
And it's completely free!

What's in the Toolbox
  • Yoga Sequence Builder Read more
  • Workshop builder
  • Event Calendar Read more
  • Pose library for the sequence builder Read more
  • Community Profile including blog, video and more Read more
As a yoga teacher it is such an easy tool that has enabled me to build unique classes quickly and easily, supporting my teaching with notes on breath, alignment and new cues. I can't imagine teaching without it!

The Yogidia Yoga Sequence Builder

This is a famous Sequence Builder that we use to design and share our own online classes. It's intuitive interface offers drag and drop, cues and many more advanced features.

Advantages of our Sequence Builder
  • Create sequences from our 350+ Asana library
  • Upload your own poses and use them in the builder
  • Add breathing cues, length of practice time, alignment cues and meditations
  • Share, Play and Print your sequences on all devices
  • Inspire like minded and be inspired in the Yogidia community!
How to create your 1st sequence

Yoga retreat and event calendar

We created our calendar specifically for hosting yoga training and retreats. Whether you are a teacher or a student aspiring to be a yoga instructor this is the place for you to host your own events.

Advantages of our calendar tool
  • Designed specifically for yoga training and retreats
  • Easy user interface including all fields needed to host yoga retreats
  • Publish and share in our Community and on Social Media
  • Let contact you directly via the event page for booking and inquiries
How to create your 1st event

Check out the Calendar right here

Pose library

To get the best experience for the Sequence Builder we shot more than 350 poses of our beautiful yogis Sandra and Chrell.

All these poses are freely available in the Sequence Builder - including both english and sanskrit names and various descriptions so that you can be inspired.

Advantages of our pose library
  • Learn and be inspired by more than 350 poses
  • Sanskrit names, Alignment, Breathing, Benefits, Modifications and Cautions
  • Upload your own poses and use them in the Sequence Builder
How to upload your 1st pose

Check out the 350+ Poses right here

Community profile

We also provide you with a free Yogidia community profile so you can show your sequences, events, poses and inspirations to the world.

Stand out as a teacher and share your thoughts and teaching right here on Yogidia.

Advantages of our Community profile
  • Free online profile without any technical knowledge needed
  • Entrance to your toolbox Sequences, Events, Videos and Poses
  • Allows you to showcase your style and inspirations as a teacher
  • Provides contact information so you can run your business from here

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