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Our 200h certified online Yoga Teacher Training has been carefully designed to unlock your potential

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If you want to be a great yoga teacher or just transform your own life for the better, our dynamic vinyasa-inspired teacher training will give you all the tools you need.

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, connect more deeply with yourself and others, or learn the tools for living a better life, our online Teacher Training will transform the way you experience yoga and life.

Learn online from the comfort of your own home

Go at your own pace with time to absorb the teachings

Feel supported by our online teaching community

Why choose us

To be a good teacher you first need to be a good student. And that means living a good life. Our training will help you find the confidence to transform yourself and your practice from the inside out. From this place of personal transformation, you’ll be able to deal with life in a more balanced way. And you’ll naturally become an inspiration to others, whether you choose to teach or not.

Our compassionate training is delivered from the ground up, building pillars of knowledge on a strong foundation, and presenting them in a structured way. The method you’ll learn is highly flexible so it can be adapted to different types of yoga, allowing you to teach anything from restorative to more dynamic styles.

Such a high quality 200hr...

Thank you for producing such a high quality 200hr, we are really blessed. I realized this after training with many “yoga superstars”. Thanks for setting me up for success.

– Ashtynne Hudecz

What you’ll get

Our full curriculum Yoga Teacher Training is divided into 10 modules representing more than 20 years of study, teaching and mentoring.

  • 200 Hours Online Yoga School Manual
  • Tuition Videos
  • Sequence Charts
  • Audio Tuition files
  • E-books
  • Multiple choice Q&A
  • Certificate of completion
  • Certificate of completion
  • Digital toolbox to kick off your own teaching
  • Access to a global community of like-minded teachers

You will learn how to:

  • Guide students through an effective and well-designed class
  • Lead meditation and pranayama practices
  • Create thematic workshops on your favourite yoga subjects
  • Deepen your own yoga practice and expand your knowledge of philosophy, anatomy and lifestyle
  • Design and share classes using our Yoga Sequence Builder


When done you will be a 200 hour certified yoga teacher in subjects studied.

What’s included

Module 1: Foundations

Learn the foundational principles of yoga: philosophy, anatomy, body awareness and breath.

Module 2: Patanjali part 1

Understand the social and philosophical contexts of yoga practice by studying the contributions of Patanjali, the father of Yoga.

Module 3: Patanjali part 2

Explore Patanjali ́s Royal Path of Yoga and step-by-step guide for the aspiring yogi to deepen your foundational knowledge.

Module 4: Hips

Our hips store many of our physical and energetic patterns and serve as a bridge between the upper and lower body.

Module 5: Psoas

Learn the fundamental theory and practice of Uddiyana Bandha, the energetic practice that supports the connection between Psoas and breath.

Module 6: Shoulders

Explore how our shoulders require mobility, stability and strength and how we can experience a range of movements in our practice.

Module 7: Throat lock

Complete our exploration of the bandhas with the third lock, the throat lock (Jalandhara Bandha), and how it affects our communication.

Module 8: Breath & philosophy

Learn pranayama, including breath retention, sound and internal locks. Study the Bhagavad Gita, a heart oriented philosophy.

Module 9: Nervous System

Explore the nervous system, relaxation practices (savasana) and the sensory practice of blindfolded yoga – one of the best benefits of yoga practice!

Module 10: Integration

Focus on a multi-alignment practice, the integration of bandhas and breath, and the muscular and skeletal systems.

What people say

Ten years ago I completed my first yoga teacher training on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

One of the most transformational experiences I have ever done. It was a tremendous opening to a journey to understand myself, to heal myself and my ancestors.

Creating passion of teaching yoga, self-healing and self-love.

Chrys Muszka, 2019 words on 2009 training

I’m very grateful for the time in this course. I truly was, in a very positive way, surprised about the content and development of the course that in every aspect it was way better than I could imagine it thank you!

The fact that it was also so personal gave me the chance to be with myself, was great to be able to go deeper with yourself and there was encouragement from the teachers to open up, feel and letting go of things. Every day was so interesting and it was very special to me.

I love the harmony in the group, the way we are connected with each other was amazing. The respect, love, care and acceptance of everyone made me feel from day one very safe and comfortable in being me.It felt like a beautiful family. Thank you for every day together from the bottom of my heart!

Jessie Kuhne, Tasmania

Having the opportunity to dive deep into the elements of Yin yoga as opened up my eyes to endless possibilities in my personal yogic journey.

Thank you Sofia once again for creating a wonderful experience that I can carry-on throughout my practice!

Ashley Lemay, Canada

This course has really inspired me to continue on my own yoga journey. It has ignited the passion to learn and develop myself and my practice further.

The 5 Elements are a great method to teach and really embody a positive lifestyle.

Georgia Squire, New Zealand

I couldn't imagine a more ideal instructor to lead me through my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Peter is a true teacher, who has a beautifully systematic yet natural way of threading his teachings together, linking theory and movement together seamlessly. He strikes the perfect balance between deep spiritual teachings and theoretical concepts that allow you to understand body and movement in a necessary way to become a great and responsible facilitator of the yoga teachings.

My absolute favourite thing about Peter is that he teaches without ego, he passionately provides information and a safe space for you to become your own teacher, in turn creating a deep self confidence that you can take with you beyond your training.

Peter's training was incredibly valuable and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone.

Ania Wazny, Yoga TT, Dec. 29, 2019

Sofia is a true yogini, off and on the mat. She is inspiring, knowledgeable, compassionate and an excellent teacher. Her breath of knowledge is impressive and based on much learning and experience. And yet there’s still a sense of joyfulness I found in her classes. I felt I was learning a lot with practice and theory, the kind of learning that one feels content and energized at the end of each of the sessions.

All the classes were blissful, placed appropriately to offer the student maximum opportunity to rest, digest, feel and appreciate the sensations in our bodies. The course has given me so many new insights about the practice of yoga and also about myself and the stage that I am in my own yoga journey. I cannot thank you enough Sofia! Namaste.

Louise Poole, Australia

My experience at Anamaya which was led and taught by Peter was extraordinary and an experience I will hold on to forever. Peter's knowledge of the human body was exceptional and his structure and flow in which he teachers is first class. To also be able to learn Thai massage on top of all of the yoga concepts was a total pleasure and if anyone is on the fence with doing a yoga teacher training, don't be, just press book. I can't thank you enough Peter, it was magic, it was uber life x.

Louisa Parry, Anamaya October 2019

Meet your teachers

Peter Kaaberbøl

Peter’s passion is anatomy. He loves helping yoga teachers to understand anatomy deeply, through his alignment-based teaching, body awareness, and prana awareness. He blends Western anatomy together with more subtle, energetic anatomy in a seamless way.

Read more about Peter:
LagoCph Yoga School

Sofia Araujo

Sofia’s passion is healthy movement and living. She loves helping people experience transformation through the harmony of body and mind. Her perspective of the human experience is rich in mindful movement and committed to living in awareness with the principles of Nature.

Read more about Sofia:
Swara Yoga School

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for the training as this is your starting point for your yoga certification. As for materials, you will need:

  • Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Yoga mat, block, strap and bolster
  • A note pad for journaling
  • Understanding of English Language
  • Motivation and curiosity to explore this new discipline

This course is for anyone ready to start their journey with yoga integrated in their daily living or for anyone that already completed the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and wants to review the materials, lectures and have a continuing process in learning the art and science of Yoga.

You don't need to but it's much better for your own learning and development that you attend regular classes at a local studio near you, so you can foster your practice and get inspired from the way other teachers present their content.

The materials and modules are structured in a way that you can finish the course in 4 to 12 weeks by studying 3-10 hours per week.

However if you only have time to follow the course once a month, you will be finishing in 10 to 12 months. This is perfectly fine with us as we do not encourage you to stress the training. Quite the opposite in fact.

Not at all. In fact we encourage you to spend as much time as possible on this training as most subjects of Yoga require some practice. Subjects such as finding balance in mind and body cannot be stressed and require more time than expected for most people.

The course is delivered by Module system. Each module contains:

  • HD Video – Alignment Workshop
  • HD Video – Recorded Yoga Class
  • HD Video – Recorded Lecture
  • Audio / Video – Recorded Meditation and Pranayama
  • Test to be completed at the end of your module study
  • E-books that summarize the topics
  • Sequence Builder Classes with our own software that you can use for free

Yes and No. It's up to you to find the time and commit weekly hours for reading the materials and watching the videos but you also have access to our facebook group with the course coordinator and where you can be in touch with other students taking the course from all corners of the globe.

The basis of our teaching is Hatha Yoga but we cover a variety of styles like Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga specific for Women's Health and we cover in detail the anatomy and biomechanics of yoga postures in an Iyengar inspired style.

Proceed to our payment page and order your course. Create a password afterwards so you can access your course materials online anytime and on any device. We advise you to download one module at a time. Complete one module before you move to the next. Your time and study effectiveness will be better this way. Trust us on that!

The way we paced the information in this online study program is quite unique. The modules are organized in a way that you receive a part of each of the categories in each module. We don’t teach you all the anatomy in one module for example. You ́ll learn the basis of yoga anatomy in Module 1 but then continue to expand your anatomy knowledge all the way to module 10. This is the same with all yoga categories like philosophy, Ayurveda, teaching skills, alignment and asana practice.

We have waited many years before building our online teacher training, based on our experience of teaching onsite training for many years to students from all over the world. We have refined the subjects and selected the most fundamental aspects of successful yoga teaching and are thrilled to share it with you.

Lastly but not least, we have our own software that will help you in building the best yoga sequences ever!

Once you finish our Online Yoga Teacher Training you´ll get a certificate of completion issued by our school.

With this certificate you will become eligible to work as a yoga teacher.

Online studies are unfortunately not yet accredited by the Yoga Alliance towards the 200 hours teacher certification.

Currently Yoga Alliance only recognizes LIVE online video and face to face teachings and trainings which is why online trainings such as Yogidia cannot earn an YA approval.
We are currently in dialog with YA about this and hopefully YA will begin to recognize online trainings soon.

Our teachers are all certified by Yoga Alliance and the Yogidia training is designed with Yoga Alliance guidelines in mind.

Becoming yoga teacher is a great career move and you will able to work anywhere in the world.

Jooble is a great place to start searching for a yoga teacher job -

Please contact us by using the contact form in the lower right corner.

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Thank you

Yoga is also about sharing
By sharing our personal inspirations - we can open the door and encourage others

- Yogidia Founders

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