About Yogidia

We’re a yoga learning platform and teacher community offering teacher training courses and free tools for qualified yoga teachers.

We offer 3 online services

Online Yoga Teacher Training

A 200h certified online Yoga Teacher Training which allows you to start or deepen your journey into the practice and understanding of yoga.

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Online tools for yoga teachers

A free online Yoga Teacher Toolbox made specifically for yoga teachers, including a sequence builder, event calendar, pose library and community profile.

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Online yoga teacher community

A yoga teacher community where inspiration and knowledge is shared among teachers around the world.

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Our mission

Yogidia seeks to teach from the ground up, building pillars of knowledge on a strong foundation, and delivering them in a structured way. Our mission is to provide practical tools for teachers so they can inspire and share yoga with more people.

The mission of our teacher training is to break down complex yogic principles and make them relevant and practical to modern practitioners, leading to more balance, personal integration and joy in their lives – both on and off the mat.

Our approach

Our specialty is combining ancient Indian wisdom with a modern approach to spirituality. We offer alignment-based teaching full of love and compassion, encouraging students to experience integrated awareness and find inner expression.

We see yoga as a conscious movement system that seeks to balance the nervous system. First, it’s important to build a solid foundation in your practice, then from here you can experience the joy and flow of yoga, as your body awareness increases.

Even if you don’t want to teach yoga, our Teacher Training courses will help you journey deeper into your practice, understand yourself better, experience personal integration and find more balance in your life.

Come journey with us as we deepen from the inside out. Yes, we’ll be going deep, but we’ll be going deep together. And we’ve got your back.

About our teachers

Peter Kaaberbøl

Peter’s passion is anatomy. He loves helping yoga teachers to understand anatomy deeply, through his alignment-based teaching, body awareness, and prana awareness. He blends Western anatomy together with more subtle, energetic anatomy in a seamless way. He’s managed to find a great balance between being structured and grounded, but also very spiritual. He’s been described as, “spiritual but not spaced out” and “grounded but lifted”.

Peter brings a lot of structure to his teaching, building students’ knowledge from the ground up. All the subjects he teaches are merged into full-flow asana classes through the understanding of alignment that he applies. And he supports and encourages his students through his caring, compassionate approach.

Peter has a talent for explaining complex yogic principles in a way that helps his students investigate their body’s subtle energies. By bringing students’ awareness to their inner worlds, he helps them deepen their practice from the inside out. Through his intensive teacher training programs, Peter aims to guide the trainees’ teaching techniques so they can freely and confidently impart the body’s inner wisdom to their own students.

Peter has been studying and teaching yoga, massage and coaching since 1995. He’s the founder of LagoCph yoga school in Copenhagen and a master practitioner of martial arts, meditation and bodywork, including Aikido, Capoeira, Thai yoga therapy and Acroyoga. He has studied with a broad range of classical Indian teachers, including Akhil Bhattacharya and massage master Rahul Bharti in Nepal.

To read more about Peter’s training and experience, visit LagoCph.

LagoCph Yoga School

Sofia Araujo

Sofia’s passion is healthy movement and living. She loves helping people experience transformation through the harmony of body and mind. Her perspective of the human experience is rich in mindful movement and committed to living in awareness with the principles of Nature.

She has become a skilful yoga teacher, therapist, macrobiotic chef and holistic health educator using her ability to listen to others through their movements, breath rhythms and natural cycles. She has a keen interest in nutrition, Ayurvedic food, yoga philosophy, menstrual cycles and feminine flow.

Sofia is the director of Swara Yoga School, based in Portugal. She is trained in the Alchemy of the 5 Elements through yoga, Ayurveda, macrobiotic nutrition and counselling, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang.

To read more about Sofia’s background and experience, visit Swara Yoga School.

Swara Yoga School

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