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We have shared our sequences and we cant wait to see yours!!

What i found is like a dream come true. Everything i wished for and so user friendly / intuitive made! Thank you so much for bringing this into life! Amazing to have come to the essence this close with technology.. :)
- Roosjer

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The Sequence Builder let you easily build hundreds of sequences

Expand your knowledge using alignments and cues

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What is Yogidia?

Yogidia is a place where you can create, play and share your favourites classes
Discover new classes and ways to practice, and build a perfect practice.
Join us and gain the freedom of connecting your mind, body and and the fun of playing and share “your yogidia” with the world !

Peter Kaaberbøl

Hi I am Peter - founder of LagoCph - Yoga studio in Copenhagen, Denmark

I have worked with body stretching and yoga alignment for more than 20 years and have founded Yogidia to share my knowledge.

Paula Tursi

Hi I am Paula - founder of Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga in New York

I have more than 20 years of experience as a Yoga and meditation teacher and I’m happy to share my Yogidia with you!

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This is the place where wisdom and spirituality can flow freely.
Please share your sequences, thoughts, knowledge, experiences and inspire others.

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Yogidia is all about sharing
Through sharing our personal inspirations we can open the door and encourage others

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